Chest Workout

This exercise program is tailored specifically for people who are new to lifting and are unsure on how to get a big, chiselled chest. I will go through the specific exercises needed to cover all the parts of the pectorals and I will explain how many sets and reps you should be doing, as a beginner. Note that for each rep you should be doing 70 - 80% of your RM (Repetition Maximum). What this means is that if your maximum for one repetition is 100lbs then you will do 70 - 80lbs for the given rep and set range. Please follow the exercises in order that I place them.

build a bigger chest

Barbell Bench Press

You're going to start with the tried and true, Barbell Bench Press. This exercise will target the chest directly, and it will target the triceps and deltoids indirectly. First, grab the bar at medium grip. Take it off the rack and place it straight over your chest. Begin bringing the bar down all the way, until it touches the middle of your chest. After it touches your chest, breathe out and push the bar back up. To maximize the effect of each repetition, squeeze the chest at the top of the movement, when it is in the contracted position. You will do 8 - 12 (preferably 12) repetitions and 3 sets at a weight that is 70 - 80% of your RM.

Incline Barbell Bench Press

After the Barbell Bench Press, move to the Incline Barbell Bench Press. The Incline Press will target more of the upper portion of the chest as opposed to the plain Press, which targets more the middle of the chest. As the Barbell Press, the Incline Press will target the triceps and deltoids indirectly as well. The actual movement will begin just like the Barbell Press. Grab the bar at medium grip and take it off the rack. When the bar is straight over your chest begin bringing the bar down. Once it touches your chest, bring the bar upwards and squeeze the chest once again at the very top. You will do 8 - 12 (preferably 12) repetitions and 3 sets at a weight that is 70 - 80% of your RM.

Decline Barbell Bench Press

Once finished with hitting the upper chest, it's time to hit the bottom portion. To do that, we will go with Decline Barbell Bench Press. Much like Incline Barbell Bench Press and Barbell Bench Press, this exercise will target the triceps and deltoids indirectly; however, it will target the bottom portion of the chest directly. Since the exercise is so closely related to the previous two exercises, you will also begin with a medium grip on the bar. Once you have a solid grip, bring the bar off the rack and hold it over your chest. Bring the bar down to about your nipple area and touch the chest. When you have completed the movement down, begin to push up all the way to the top. Don't forget to squeeze the chest for extra contraction at the very top of the movement. You will do 8 - 12 (preferably 12) repetitions and 3 sets at a weight that is 70 - 80% of your RM.

Dumbbell Flys

The flys are essential in stretching the chest out and targeting the very outer edges of the pectorals. After blasting the chest with all the presses it's relieving to use some lighter weights and really stretch the chest out. The flys are also great for developing a well rounded chest. For this exercise, you will grab two light dumbbells and lie on the bench. Lower the dumbbells slowly to each side until the pectorals are stretched with the elbows being fixed in a bent position. When the full movement was completed, bring the dumbbells back together in a hugging motion until the dumbbells are almost touching. Think of it as hugging a tree. You will do 8 - 12 (preferably 12) repetitions and 3 sets at a weight that is 70 - 80% of your RM.

That's it for The Complete Chest Workout Beginner's Edition. The Expert Edition will be coming in a few weeks and will include a new way of blasting the chest for those who are familiar with weight lifting. It promises to absolutely destroy your chest so come back again, if you dare!

Chest Workout


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